Offline Payment

Collect and Payout via POS Terminals

Service offline customers and let them perform in person transactions to your online businesses.

Monnify allows merchants to collect cash payments from customers or disburse cash to customers through Moniepoint POS Terminals.

Moniepoint business banking platform has a broad reach in every LGA in Nigeria.

Benefits of Offline Payments

More payment options
New market segment
Zero reconciliation
Instant Payment Notification
Cheap Rates
Real-Time support

Features of Offline Payment

Offline Collections on Monnify are accessible by creating Offline Products, while Offline Disbursements are available as Pay Codes.

Collections via Offline Products

Offline Products allows businesses to enlist a product payable with cash at via POS.

How to use offline products

Fixed: allows your business set a fix amount to be paid

Variable: allows the users decide how much they like to pay

Invoice: enables you to make your invoices payable offline

Disbursements via Pay Codes

Paycodes enables merchants to offer cash disbursements to their customers. Moniepoint businesses can provide your customers with access to direct cash value without having to go through the hassle of first withdrawing to their bank to use an ATM.

How to use Paycode

Securely generate Paycodes from your Monnify app with an amount and send directly different beneficiaries.

Offline payments can service different sectors

All business categories can rely on Monnify Offline features to expand their reach to users who might still be heavily reliant on cash.

Well document API’s

Our well documented APIs provides you with all you need to build your custom projects and products.

Expore Monnify API reference

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